Strange Fruits are Growing

My new album STRANGE FRUITS is about to release by April 28th 2012.
It features 17 tracks including 8 remixes and collaborations.

\\ I will spin a dedicated DJ set at Le Cercle on April 28th with KIDS & EXPLOSIONS //

It will be downloadable everywhere including Bandcamp and a physical copy will be available at Chez Kito Kat Records. I will make sure to have physical copies with me at shows.

Here’s a teaser of the cover art, created by Stopmotion.




E1000 vs. TiND (thisisnotdesign)

That’s a teaser of what we’ll showcase at Festival d’Été de Québec on July 15th at Le Cercle.
E1000 on sound
TiND (thisisnotdesign) on visual with Sebastien Gravel on VVVV programming

We’ll perform with pretty cool guys from Music & Friends called Tequila Gang Bang and Nerdy by Nature.

Moving forward >> things are

Photo by Renaud Philippe (dot com)

Earth have been spinning pretty fast since we launched the first elephant in space in Nov. 2010. Since then, things kept moving forward. Here’s some pretty quick news about E1000’s current activities

[Data entries]
1 – E1000 will play Piknic Electronic, the most exciting event in Canada, on August 21st 2011 with Black Tiger Sex Machine (CA) and Kraddy (Los Angeles). Montreal, Parc Jean-Drapeau.

2 – New shows, New collaborators, New live dates coming soon.

3 – News about POISON & DAGGER : Levon returned home in Texas after 8 years working in multiple towns and cities. The band remains active, as we’re still working remotely on our first full lenght. It will be a little harder to play shows, but we’re always open to offers. We will both play P&D material in our respective shows and sets.

4 – [very exciting!] E1000 is secretly working on a close-future release, and it may be a long record… From material released throughout the year, to new new new stuff and some cool remixes that some pretty talented people out there have done recently.

5 – From E1000’s personal diary: “Should I smash a fucking axe on my Myspace profile?” Other places to find him: Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

E1000 – Meteor Shower, the first elephant in space

Finally you can have access to this very complete diary of our recent works.
See the ‘Meteor Shower Video’ section to download it HD and use it for educational purpose.

The Final Countdown

Official launch – Nov 25th at Le Cercle, Quebec City

We have now set an official date for E1000’s space launch. It wasn’t easy to set as there are lots of risk and there’s still a lot of unknown elements to take in consideration. But now E1000 is ready as well as the whole team. If you wish to attend the event in person, there will be a general gathering before the launch at Le Cercle in Quebec City.


November 25th. 2010
Le Cercle, Quebec City
5 to 7 pm

Training Diary #3 – Jogging

Jogging is an important part of E1000’s daily training. Astronauts need to be in perfect physical condition and jogging is great for cardiovascular training.

Training Diary #2 – Stairs

In this one, our rookie is climbing the stairs at the Agency. A must for any astronaut.

Training Diary #1 – Rope Skipping

In the next days/weeks, we will post video diaries of E1000’s day to day training. Here is the first one, you’ll see our rookie doing rope skipping at the sunset.


First preview of our official space helmet

It took us lots of time to design our official space helmet. As a totally independant space agency, we didn’t want to do things the way the NASA does. After months of intensive research, I finally found out that E1000 doesn’t need a space helmet (as previously posted here). But we still need a helmet for our rookie who will meet E1000 later after the launch.

So our designers and I thought of a new shape of helmet,  that maximizes confort and offers all we need in terms of technology, from oxygen flow system to cutting-edge communication technology.

– Theodore Laruche, PhD. – Lead Engineer

Here’s a sneak preview of what could be the final draft, along with our designer.